Race Animation

CC-BY At Mind -B3d101, J. Bakker & M. Dewanchand
Racetrack created by: Eracoon, Racoon Media
Available from: Blendswap
Blender 2.73 or higher

Foreknowledge: Introduction into 3D

In this tutorial you wil learn about:

We will animate a race track with 4 go-karts and you'll be telling your story.
Before animating you should ask yourself:

These are some of the type of questions that an animator usualy asks and analyses in order to know and decide how to animate. It's important that you tell your story and decide on how you want to tell it using the cameras. 

In this tutorial we will animate 4 go-karts on a race track and we will make a few assumptions:

We will animate 1 round in this tutorial. But you can continue and animate your own race track and tell your race story.