CC-BY At Mind -B3d101, J.Bakker & M.Dewanchand
Blender 2.73 - 2.79

Let's say you are working with a team. Each member has it's own tasks and creates a .blend file or several to hold the work. Now all work has to brought together to create the final image, animation or game. How do you merge all these blend files?

To merge .blend files, you'll have to merge the objects contained in those files. There are 2 ways of merging:

1. Appending

When appending you copy an object from another .blend file into the .blend file that you have opened in Blender. When someone changes the object in the other .blend file this change will not be visible in the .blend file with the copied version.

2. Linking

When linking an object the object is not copied into the .blend file that you have opened in Blender. Instead a link is made to the object. This way when the object is editted in it's own .blend file, the change will also be visible in the .blend file that links to it.

In case you have external data, than it might be handy to pack it into the .blend file: