The labyrinth game

CC-BY: At Mind - B3d101, J. Bakker & M. Dewanchand
Blender 2.73 or higher
Foreknowledge: Introductions 3D

The labyrinth game consists of a wooden labyrinth board, a ball and an endpoint. The goal is to move the ball towards the endpoint by rotating the board. In order to create the game we have to:

Lesson 1 to 6 will teach you how to create a basic labyrinth game.
Lesson 7 to 10 will teach you how to extend the game, making it prettier. These lessons are optional, they don't have to be done consecutively.

After lesson 10 you will find some ideas on how to further extend the game. These ideas can be done after lesson 6 or after having tried one or more extensions.

The lessons come with video's. These video's are meant to support the lessons and show how the steps from the lessons can be performed. Students can watch the video's while performing the steps from the lessons.

Remark: If you are using a Mac, whenever you see CTRL mentioned map it to CMD.

The labyrinth game is developed for and in cooperation with students and teachers from the project "ICT in de wolken". This project is an initiative of the "Montessori Scholengemeenschap Amsterdam (MSA)", a high school, in cooperation with the "Regionaal Opleidingencentrum (ROC)", "Hogeschool van Amsterdam", the University of Amsterdam and the Free University Amsterdam (VU). The goal is to give young IT-talents a place to develop their talents by providing them with challenging and highly qualified IT-education.
Students from the MSA created the game, including 2 additional levels, in 8 weeks, 4 hours per week.