Cycles on the GPU (only for users with a Nvidia graphics card)

CC-BY Peter Kemp, 3Dami
Step-by-Step by At Mind - B3d101
Blender 2.73 or higher
Follow up on: Beginner

In this tutorial we will look at the graphics card, the GPU, to see if we can render faster.
When rendering you can use the CPU or the GPU. Sometimes it is faster to render on your GPU rather than on your CPU. This depends on your Graphics Card.

We'll be looking at Cycles, a pathtracer, and how we can configure Cylces to render on the GPU. Cycles currently only runs on the Nvidia graphics card.

Step 1: Change user preferences

CUDA is the computing platform and programming model for Nvidia GPU's.

Step 2: Select render device

Now Cycles will use the GPU, your Nvidia graphics card to render.

Step 3: Compare CPU and GPU

In this step you can use your own scene, or you can download a palm tree scene from here

Which was faster to render the scene, the CPU or the GPU?