CC-BY Peter Kemp - 3DAmi
Step by step - B3d101

Blender 2.73 - 2.79

In this tutorial you will learn how to add, edit and animate text.

  1. Watch the video tutorial.
  2. Or continue with the Step by Step description.

Step 1: Add text to your scene

We start by adding text to the scene.

By default Blender displays the text "Text" in the scene. Let's change this text.

Step 2: Change the text

To change the text we need to go to Edit Mode.

A cursor appears at the text. Using the arrow keys you can move around the text. Now we can edit the text.


Step 3: Change the Font of the text

We can also change the font of the text.

In this Data tab you can change different settings. 

You can also import a font from your computer.

You can also change the alignment of the text:

Step 4: Animate the spacing

In Blender you can adjust the spacing between the letters or words or lines. Let's animate the text such that the letters start off apart and then come together.

Now let's keyframe this position.

Let's say that after 2 seconds, 48 frames later, we want the letters to come back together.

Now play your animation. 

Step 5: Save your .blend file