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An introduction to 3D

An introduction to 3D modelling and animation for absolute beginners.

Create a party monkey

Suzanne is so happy to see you, she is about to throw a party.

A Tree of Cubes

Not all trees are made the same, and this tree made of cubes sure looks futuristic.


Buttons for eyes and a carrot for a nose, learn how to build a snowman.


Model a cute Bunny using some basic shapes.

Coloring the snowman

Our snowman looks like he could use some color, help him out.

House from a block

Model a basic house just by editing some edges.

A Rocket

This awesome Rocket just takes some easy steps to create.


What is more fun than a place full of snow? An animated place full of snow.


Render this scene with trees, a house, and snow.

Modelling a chair

Model a chair using extrude and loop cuts.


There any many ways to illuminate a scene.

A palm tree

This awesome palm tree is easier to make than you think.


This Island has it all; sand, ocean, and a palm tree.


This beautiful landscape even has a lake that reflects its sourroundings.

Parenting objects

With parenting you can use complex shapes the easy way.

Pivot point

The pivot point will help you move objects like a pro.

Minecraft Steve

Do you like minecraft? because Steve sure does.


Which one is faster? CPU or GPU? let’s find out.


If you think writing is fun, wait untill you do it in 3D.


It’s time we start making some interesting looking shapes with Bevel.


Use linking to bring together objects from multiple files.

Virtual Reality

Here’s a neat trick; Render your scene for VR.

Model a Car

This car is lowpoly, but so slick. Try making your own lowpoly car.

Race Animation

Start your engines! animate a go-kart race.

The labyrinth game

Dont get lost! Make a labyrinth game to test your skills.


Put on your bowling shoes, it is bowling time.

Shooting cans

Improve your game making skills with this feature packed tutorial.

Python in 3D worlds

It’s time to dive deeper and learn new powers with Python.

Your first script

In this Python tutorial you will make your very first Blender Python script.

Blender Python API

Almost anything you do in Blender, you can do with Python.

Creating objects

Use the power of Python to add Objects directly into your Blender 3D Scene.


Use Python to give your Blender objects some colors.

Texturing objects

You can also use Python to work with images in Blender.

Modules and classes

Object Oriented Programming with Python in Blender.

Blender game engine

Build a game in Blender using only Python scripting.