Pivot point

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Where is the Pivot Point?

The pivot point is the orange dot in your object.

If you have a cube you can see an orange dot in the center. That is the Pivot point.


How can I edit the pivot point?

When rotating or scaling an object you may want to shift the pivot point.

An example, in our Minecraft Steve tutorial we want Steve’s legs to move from the top and not from the knees. This way we can animate a proper walk.

There are 2 ways to edit the pivot point:

  • In Edit mode.

  • Or using the 3D cursor.

In Edit mode

To edit the pivot point:

  • Make sure your object is selected.

  • Go to Edit mode.

  • Again check that your object is selected.

    • If necessary press A to select all vertices.

  • Now move your object such that the pivot point is in the correct position. For example if we want the pivot point at the bottom of the cube, we’d have to move the cube up.

  • Go to Object mode.

  • Now rotate your object.

Does your object rotate properly?

Using the 3D cursor

We can also use the 3D cursor to set the pivot point.

  • In Object mode.

  • Put the 3D cursor where you want the pivor point to be. For example on the upper left vertex.

  • Press SPACE to bring up the Search menu.

  • Type “Set Origin”.

  • Then select “Origin to 3D cursor”.


Rotate your object. Is it rotating properly?