Modelling Steve’s torso

In this tutorial we will model Steve’s torso.

  1. Watch the video to see how it’s done.

  2. Or continue with the Step by Step description.

Step 1: Model the torso

To model the torso we’ll be using again a cube. We will add a cube, position it properly, then move it towards the head and finally scale it as Steve’s torso is a bit narrower than his head.

  • Add a cube.

  • Go to the right Properties panel and select the Object tab.

  • And give the cube a name for example “torso”.

  • Now move the cube using the handles to where the torso will be (probably just underneath the head).

  • Go to Edit mode.

  • Select the Faces tool from the lower menu.

  • Then select the upper face of the cube.

  • And move it up towards the head, so that the head and torso are connected. It might be that you have to rotate the 3D view a bit to get a better view.


Now we’ll be scaling the torso. For this it’s handier to move to the Left view.

  • First select the torso by pressing A. It is possible that you have to press twice on A before the whole object is selected.

  • Select View -> Left from the lower menu.

  • Select the Scale tool.

  • And use the green diamond arrow to scale the torso making it smaller.

  • Go back to Object mode.

  • Go back to the Front view by selecting View -> Front.


Now we have a head and a torso. Let’s continue with the legs. But first…

Step 2: Save your file