Modelling Steve’s legs

  1. Watch the video to see how it’s done.

  2. Or continue with the Step by Step description.

Step 1: Model a leg

For the legs we’ll be using 2 cubes. But first we start with 1 cube, 1 leg, and then we copy that to the other leg. We start with Steve’s left leg.

  • Add a cube.

  • Go to the right Properties panel and select the Object tab.

  • And give the cube a name for example “leftleg”.

  • Make sure the Transformation tool is selected.

  • Move the cube to the torso in a way that the top of the cube is aligned with the top of the torso.

  • Go to Edit mode.

  • If correct the Faces tool is still selected. If not select the Faces tool.

  • Select the bottom face. It might be that you have to rotate the 3D view a bit.

  • Move the bottom face to match the torso using the blue arrow.

  • The leg needs to be thinner than the torso, so let’s scale it.

  • Make sure you’re in the Front view.

  • Select all faces of the leg by pressing A. It is possible that you have to press A twice to select all faces of the leg.

  • Select the Scale tool.

  • Then use the red diamond handle to make the leg thinner.

  • Then switch to the Left view by selecting View -> Left from the lower menu.

  • And use the green diamond handle to scale the leg and make it match the torso.


Now let’s move the leg to it’s position.

  • Go back to Object mode.

  • Select the Front view.

  • Select the Transformation tool.

  • And move the leg to it’s location.

Now we have to move the center of rotation to the upperside of the leg, as we want the leg to move from the torso and not from the knee when for instance walking.

  • Try rotating the leg. You will notice that it moves from the knees and we want it to move from the torso.

  • Go to Edit mode.

  • Select the left leg by pressing A. You might have to press A twice.

  • Make sure the Transformation tool is selected.

  • Then move the leg such that the pivot point is at the top of the leg.

    leg1 leg2

Now that we have the left leg, let’s duplicate this and create the right leg.

Step 2: Duplicate and create other leg

  • Make sure the left leg is selected.

  • Then go to Object -> Duplicate Objects. This will make a copy of the left leg.

  • Now move the copied leg to the proper location, to where the right leg should be.

  • Then go to the right Properties panel, select Object tab, and give the object a name for example “rightleg”.


Now we have a basic model with 2 legs.


Step 3: Save your .blend file