Modelling Steve’s head

In this tutorial we will use 6 cubes to model Minecraft Steve: 1 for the head, 1 for the torso, 2 for the arms and 2 for the legs. Let’s start with the head.

  1. Watch the video to see how it’s done.

  2. Or continue with the Step by Step description.

Step 1: Open Blender

Open Blender and click next to the Splash screen to make it dissappear.

Step 2: Model the head

Our 3D view already contains a cube. We will use this cube to create the head. But let’s first go to the Front view, because in this case it will make modelling easier.

  • Select View -> Front from the lower menu.


In the 3D view you can see that the view has been switched to the front view. In the upper left corner it states Front Persp.


Now let’s name the cube “head” .

  • Make sure the cube is selected.

  • Go to the right Properties panel and select the Object tab.

  • And give the cube a name for example “head”.


By default a cube will rotate from it’s center. But this cube is a head and we want it to rotate from the neck, so at the bottom of the cube. We can do this by moving the center of the head to the bottom of the cube.

  • Go to Edit mode by pressing TAB or by selecting Edit Mode from the menu below.

  • Move everything 1 unit up.

    • You can use the blue handle for this, or

    • You can use the shortcut G + Z + 1 + ENTER (grab on the z-axis, 1 unit up).

  • If correct you will see that the center point is now at the bottom. This means that if we rotate the head, it will rotate from the bottom of the cube instead of the center.

  • Then go back to Object mode.


Step 3: Save your . blend file

Now it might be a good time to save your .blend file. Go to File -> Save and save your file. Give it a proper name that ends with .blend.