Modelling Steve’s arms

  1. Watch the video to see how it’s done.

  2. Or continue with the Step by Step description.

Step 1: Model the arms

To model the arms we can make a copy of a leg and move it upwards to where the arm should be.

  • Select the right leg.

  • Duplicate this by using Object -> Duplicate Objects.

  • Then move the duplicated leg to the right arm position, matching the level of the torso.

  • Go to the right Properties panel, select the Object tab and give the object a name for example “rightarm”.


Now that we have a right arm, let’s continue creating the left arm by duplicating the right arm.

  • Make sure the right arm is selected.

  • Select View -> Object -> Duplicate Objects and the right arm is duplicated.

  • Now move the duplicated right arm to the location of the left arm.

  • Then go to the right Properties panel, select Object tab, and give the object a name for example “leftarm”.


Step 2: Save your .blend file

Step 3: Combine all parts

Now we have 6 cubes, 6 body parts, that are not connected together. If we would move the head, the rest of the body would not move along. So we need to glue everything together. We will use “parenting” to connect the body parts. With parenting an object always follows the motion of another object, its parent.

In our model we will make the torso the parent object of all all other parts. Let’s start with the head.

  • Select the head.

  • On the Properties panel, select the Object tab. Go to Relations -> Parent. Here you can choose the parent of the head. Select “torso”.

  • It’s possible that the head has moved. Move it to back to it’s position.

Do the same steps as described above for the other body parts: the legs and the arms.

Now if you move the torso you will notice that all body parts move along.

  • Try rotating your model and check if everything moves properly.

We have a basic model of Minecraft Steve. But it doesn’t look quite like Steve yet. Let’s continue and give Steve some colors.


Step 4. Save your . blend file