Coloring Steve’s body

In the previous tutorial you have colored Steve’s head. In this part of the tutorial we’ll be coloring his torso.

  1. Watch the video to see how it’s done.

  2. Or continue with the Step by Step description.

Step 1: The shirt

Steve wears a blue-greenish shirt with a V-neck. First we’ll give the torso the blue-greenish color.

  • Make sure you are in Object mode.

  • Make sure the torso is selected.

  • Go to the Material tab.

  • Click on + to add a new material.

  • Give the material a name for example “torso-green”.

  • And select a blue-green colour for the Diffuse.


Step 2: Create the V-neck

To create the V neck we will divide the torso in smaller faces, let’s say 8 x 8.

  • Go to Edit mode.

  • Press W to bring up the Specials menu.

  • And set the Number of Cuts to 7.


Now that the torso is divided you can select the faces for the V neck and give it the same color as Steve’s face.

  • Make sure the Faces tool is selected.

  • Select the faces for the V-neck.

  • Go to the Material tab.

  • Click on + to add a material.

  • Select the material “head” from the menu next to the New button.

  • Then press the Assign button.


Step 3: Save your .blend file