CC-BY 3Dami, Peter Kemp
Step by step: CC-BY At Mind - B3d101
Blender 2.73 or higher

Lamps are away to add light to your scene. Lamps are not visible in your scene. Only the light that they emit is visible.

Blender has several types of lamps:

  • Point

  • Spot

  • Area

  • Sun

  1. Watch the video tutorial.

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Point lamp

Light from a Point lamp shines in all directions. Point lamps are spherical lamps and give softer shadows and shading. The strength of the lamp is specified in Watts.


In a scene you can add multiple Point lamps. You can also adjust the color of the Point lamp and it’s energy.

  • Start Blender.

  • Add a Point Lamp to your scene.

  • Make sure your Point Lamp is selected.

  • Go to the Light Tab on the righthand panel.

  • You can select a different color for your light.

  • You can also adjust the energy of the lamp.


By using a different color and energy you can create a different atmosphere in your scene.

Spot lamp

Spot lamps shine light in a particular direction, inside a cone. The size parameter defines the size of the cone, while the blend parameter can soften the edges of the cone.

  • Add a Spot Lamp to your scene


You will notice that a Spot Lamp has 3 different lines coming out of it. These 3 lines shows you where the light is going to shine.


You can rotate these lines.

  • Make sure the Spot Lamp is selected.

  • Rotate the lamp

    • Press R and rotate the lamp.

    • Or use the rotate tool.


You will notice that the lines point in the direction of the rotation.

You can also change the color and energy of a Spot Lamp.

  • Go to the Light Tab of the Spot Lamp.

  • And change the color and energy.


Sun lamp

With Sun lamps light shines in a given direction. Sun lamps are often used in combination with the Sky and Atmosphere properties to simulate real sky and atmosphere.

  • Add a Sun Lamp to your scene.

  • Go to the Light Tab of the Sun Lamp.

  • You can change the color and energy of the Sun Lamp.


If you press Render it might look as if your shadows have disappeared. To bring back shadows you should select Ray Shadows from the Light Tab.

  • Go to the Light Tab of the Sun Lamp.

  • And activate Ray Shadow by clicking on it.


Area lamp

Area lamps shines light as if it was coming from a square or rectangular. This way you can simulate light coming from for example a TV screen or a window.


Below you can find an example of a landscape with the Sun lamp, Sky and Atmosphere used from the Landscape tutorial.